ADATA has announced a replacement for their top SATA SSD, finally moving their SATA lineup entirely to 3D TLC NAND flash memory. The outgoing XPG SX950 (based on Micron 32-layer 3D MLC) is being replaced by the new XPG SX950U with 64-layer 3D TLC. ADATA has been one of the last major brands using MLC NAND in consumer SSDs, though Crucial temporarily re-entered that club with the BX300. The overwhelming industry trend has been toward 3D TLC NAND flash, especially as the current generation of 64-layer 3D NAND has arrived over the past year and finally brought all the NAND manufacturers fully into the 3D NAND era. ADATA isn't guaranteeing exactly which NAND will be used in the SX950U, but both Micron and Toshiba/SanDisk 64L...

ADATA's XPG SX950 SATA SSDs: Up to 960GB, 3D MLC NAND, Six Year Warranty

ADATA has launched a new lineup of its XPG-series SSDs, with the new models featuring 3D MLC NAND flash and targeted at gaming PCs. The new XPG SX950 family...

26 by Anton Shilov on 2/16/2017

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