12:00PM PDT - Thank you all for reading!

11:59AM PDT - Looks like we're done!

11:57AM PDT - iPhone 4+, iPAd 2+, iPad mini and 5th gen iPod touch can run iOS 7

11:57AM PDT - final release this fall

11:57AM PDT - iPad beta in the coming weeks

11:57AM PDT - for iPhone

11:57AM PDT - iOS 7 available in beta today

11:56AM PDT - UI Dynamics to bring physics to UI view animations

11:56AM PDT - lers

11:56AM PDT - 60 fps video capture

11:56AM PDT - SDK includes 1500 new APIs

11:56AM PDT - Very good feature

11:56AM PDT - If a thief tries to turn off find my iphone, or wipes the device entirely, they won't be able to activate it at all

11:55AM PDT - Activation lock

11:55AM PDT - Phone Facetime and Message blocking

11:55AM PDT - FaceTime audio, Activation lock, Message blocking (finally!!!)

11:54AM PDT - Starting in the US

11:54AM PDT - Ad-free if you're an iTunes Match subscriber

11:53AM PDT - Free with ads

11:53AM PDT - iTunes Radio built into iOS 7, built into iTunes on Mac/PC and on Apple TV

11:53AM PDT - iTunes Radio functionality is very similar to Pandora

11:52AM PDT - Can create your own stations

11:51AM PDT - Can create new stations based on songs, share stations with friends

11:51AM PDT - New music app is also where your TV shows go though?

11:50AM PDT - Built into the new Music app

11:50AM PDT - iTunes Radio

11:50AM PDT - Movies and TV Shows all included in the library

11:50AM PDT - Music shows not only local content but all of your iTunes iCloud content

11:49AM PDT - Music

11:49AM PDT - Apps are updated automatically

11:49AM PDT - App store auto updates finally

11:48AM PDT - Apps near me - most popular apps based on my current location

11:48AM PDT - Can look for apps based on age range

11:48AM PDT - App Store

11:48AM PDT - 2014 cars will begin shipping with iOS in car integration

11:47AM PDT - iOS on in-car entertainment displays?

11:47AM PDT - 95% of the cars being sold today integrate music/control from iOS devices

11:47AM PDT - iOS in the car

11:46AM PDT - Bing search results

11:46AM PDT - Wikipedia integration

11:46AM PDT - Twitter integration with Siri

11:46AM PDT - Play last voicemail, increase brightness, turn on bluetooth - all via Siri now

11:46AM PDT - New voices for french, german and other languages coming over time

11:45AM PDT - All new voice, can choose a male voice as well

11:45AM PDT - Sound wave across the bottom, results are better looking

11:45AM PDT - New interface

11:45AM PDT - Siri

11:44AM PDT - Aggregate activity about shared photos

11:43AM PDT - Brian, in response to live photo filters in iOS 7: No, don't!

11:42AM PDT - Highlight interesting places you went in that year

11:42AM PDT - Can go out to the year level and look across your whole photo collection

11:42AM PDT - e.g. multi-day trips in SF would be a collection

11:42AM PDT - Can zoom out and look at collections of moments

11:41AM PDT - Organization is automatically done by location and time

11:41AM PDT - Demo time

11:41AM PDT - Photos are now organized into "Moments"

11:40AM PDT - Photos

11:40AM PDT - Live photo filters

11:40AM PDT - Swipe from video, photo, square and pano cameras

11:40AM PDT - Camera

11:40AM PDT - Supported on iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini and 5th gen iPod Touch

11:39AM PDT - AirDrop is system-wide, peer to peer WiFi, securely encrypted transmissions

11:39AM PDT - Friends physically around you show up in any share sheet

11:38AM PDT - AirDrop

11:38AM PDT - Double tap home to bring up multitasking UI

11:38AM PDT - Multitasking

11:38AM PDT - Control Center is available in all apps, swipe up from the bottom (instead of down from the top like Android)

11:37AM PDT - Control Center demo

11:37AM PDT - Swipe tabs off to the side to kill them

11:36AM PDT - iCloud tabs available as well

11:36AM PDT - New tabs UI, no longer limited to just 8 tabs

11:35AM PDT - Unified search bar in Safari finally

11:35AM PDT - Edge swipe lets you go back and forth through browser history in Safari

11:35AM PDT - Now talking about Safari

11:35AM PDT - Still not full background multitasking but a step towards that

11:34AM PDT - Sorry, WiFi died for a bit

11:33AM PDT - Intelligent scheduling, opportunistic updates, adapts to network conditions, coalesced updates, push triggers

11:32AM PDT - iOS 7 notices pattern of use, and gives frequently used apps more consistent access to background CPU cycles

11:32AM PDT - Everything can run in the background?

11:32AM PDT - Multitasking for all apps in iOS 7

11:31AM PDT - Multitasking

11:31AM PDT - Control Center: swipe up, even at your lock screen, to get access to quick settings, even flashlight

11:30AM PDT - Control Center

11:30AM PDT - Notifications center is available from the lock screen as well

11:29AM PDT - Can have multiple pages inside folders

11:28AM PDT - Edge swipe left to right to go back in Messages

11:28AM PDT - Brian: Talk about the signal dots

11:28AM PDT - New calendar looks great

11:27AM PDT - This all really looks far more modern

11:26AM PDT - Demo of iOS 7

11:26AM PDT - Game Center looks so much better now

11:25AM PDT - Messaging app gets updated

11:25AM PDT - You can "peer around" icons to see what's behind htem

11:25AM PDT - As you move the device, it tracks your motion and lets you see wallpaper behind icons

11:24AM PDT - About to start walking through iOS 7

11:23AM PDT - Video done, Cook back on stage

11:22AM PDT - finally a cards-like system for viewing what you have open

11:22AM PDT - Task switching looks much more webOS like

11:21AM PDT - UI responds to device movements, gives the impression of depth

11:21AM PDT - It looks way more modern

11:21AM PDT - Use of translucency behind things like keyboard

11:21AM PDT - Distinct functional UI layers

11:21AM PDT - New colors used

11:20AM PDT - New typography

11:20AM PDT - Quick settings panel

11:20AM PDT - Super flat UI

11:20AM PDT - Wireless bars are gone, replaced with dots

11:20AM PDT - Larger, flatter looking icons

11:20AM PDT - New slide to unlock

11:18AM PDT - Playing a video on the thinking behind the design

11:18AM PDT - New features, new user interface

11:18AM PDT - Biggest change to iOS since the introduction of iPhone

11:18AM PDT - Here we go: iOS 7

11:16AM PDT - 6% are on iOS 5

11:16AM PDT - 93% of iOS users are on iOS 6

11:15AM PDT - iPhone got 9 consecutive JD power awards for #1 in customer satisfaction

11:13AM PDT - Now sold over 600M iOS devices

11:13AM PDT - Now on to iOS

11:12AM PDT - All users later in the year

11:12AM PDT - beta.icloud.com

11:12AM PDT - Available starting today as a dev beta

11:12AM PDT - Support Safari, IE and Chrome

11:11AM PDT - Same documents available, looks the same, you get the same functionality across platforms

11:11AM PDT - on Windows 8

11:11AM PDT - Using Chrome

11:11AM PDT - Now demonstrating iWork for iCloud on Windows

11:11AM PDT - Keynote animations playing in a browser window

11:10AM PDT - Again, seems to work like the other iCloud apps

11:10AM PDT - Now demonstrating Keynote for iCloud

11:09AM PDT - I really didn't expect to see this much non-iOS related, very pleased on the OS X side

11:09AM PDT - Works as you'd expect, doesn't obviously look like a web app

11:09AM PDT - Now showing Numbers for iCloud

11:08AM PDT - Can drag/drop documents from your desktop onto the Pages iCloud window

11:08AM PDT - Pages for iCloud behaves a lot like a local, thick client application, demo is nice

11:07AM PDT - Demonstrating Pages for iCloud

11:06AM PDT - create documents in a browser on Mac or PC

11:06AM PDT - iWork for iCloud

11:05AM PDT - Deeply integrating iCloud into the next version of iWork

11:05AM PDT - 800B iMessages sent, 7.4T push notifications sent via iCloud

11:04AM PDT - (no rMBP announcement?!)

11:04AM PDT - iCloud now

11:03AM PDT - Tim Cook is back on stage

11:03AM PDT - Assembled in the USA

11:03AM PDT - Coming later this year

11:02AM PDT - TB2 ports driven by multiple controllers

11:02AM PDT - 4 USB 3, 6 TB2 ports, GigE, motion sensor that lights up the IO ports when you turn the system around

11:02AM PDT - Entire top of the new Mac Pro is a handle

11:02AM PDT - 1/8 the volume of the previous Mac Pro

11:01AM PDT - This is awesome, the Mac Pro always needed to be smaller

11:01AM PDT - Wow it's tiny

11:01AM PDT - up to 3 4K displays

11:01AM PDT - Supports 4K displays

11:01AM PDT - Over 7 TFLOPS of compute

11:00AM PDT - 384-bit memory buses

11:00AM PDT - up to 4096 SPs, 512GB/s total bandwidth

11:00AM PDT - two FirePro GPUs from AMD

11:00AM PDT - First Mac ever with dual-GPUs

11:00AM PDT - TB meaning Thunderbolt

11:00AM PDT - 6 TB devices per port

11:00AM PDT - Expansion storage and expansion chassis

11:00AM PDT - Thunderbolt 2

11:00AM PDT - All expansion is external

10:59AM PDT - PCIe based Flash, 1.25GB/s reads, 1GB/s writes

10:59AM PDT - ECC DDR3-1866, four channel controller, 60GB/s bandwidth

10:59AM PDT - New gen Intel Xeon, up to 12-core configs, PCIe gen 3, this is IVB-E

10:59AM PDT - Unified Thermal Core

10:58AM PDT - I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at

10:58AM PDT - Black cylinder

10:58AM PDT - It's a giant cylinder

10:57AM PDT - First glimpse of next-gen Mac Pro

10:56AM PDT - yep

10:55AM PDT - This has to be the Mac Pro

10:55AM PDT - Sneak Peak

10:55AM PDT - No display update on the MBA, necessary to hit those battery life targets

10:55AM PDT - New MBAs start shipping today

10:55AM PDT - 11 and 13-inch sizes, 11 starts at $999 for 128B, $1199 for 256, 13-inch at $1099 (128) and $1299 (256)

10:54AM PDT - simultaneous dual-band

10:54AM PDT - 3-stream 802.11ac, 2TB or 3TB HDD, beam forming

10:54AM PDT - AirPort Time Capsule

10:54AM PDT - AirPort Extreme 4-inch square but extruded by 6" up

10:54AM PDT - New airport base stations

10:53AM PDT - Up to 3x faster than 802.11n

10:53AM PDT - up to 45% faster SSD, 802.11ac

10:53AM PDT - Up to 10 hours of iTunes movie playback

10:53AM PDT - Thank you Haswell

10:53AM PDT - The 13 goes to 12 hours

10:53AM PDT - Current gen 11/13-inch MBA: 5, 7 hours up to 9 hours for the 11

10:52AM PDT - wake up in 1 second

10:52AM PDT - 2x GPU EUs, 40% faster graphics, smarter low-power states

10:52AM PDT - Haswell ULT

10:52AM PDT - "all day battery life"

10:51AM PDT - New line of MBA

10:51AM PDT - MacBook Air

10:51AM PDT - Phil Schiller takes the stage to talk about Mac

10:51AM PDT - Mavericks final release this fall

10:50AM PDT - Mavericks DP available today

10:50AM PDT - Auto creation of study cards based on notes you've added to a textbook

10:49AM PDT - I feel like in about 10 years I'm going to feel really bitter about how bad my textbook experience was when I was in school

10:48AM PDT - Demo of iBooks textbooks

10:48AM PDT - iBooks demo

10:48AM PDT - Notifications for when you need to leave for an appointment

10:47AM PDT - Travel time is automatically added to events in calendar

10:47AM PDT - Appointments at locations include weather at the location and travel time to that location

10:47AM PDT - New Calendar, continuous scrolling

10:46AM PDT - Sending directions to phone is a great idea, very well implemented it seems

10:46AM PDT - Can bookmark locations in Maps, sync to all Apple devices automatically

10:46AM PDT - Showing 3D view of the Eiffel tower

10:45AM PDT - Performance of Maps on this rMBP looks smooth

10:45AM PDT - Starting with Maps

10:44AM PDT - Demo time

10:44AM PDT - iBooks textbooks also supported

10:44AM PDT - Access to the full iBooks library (1.8M books) now available on the Mac

10:44AM PDT - iBooks comes to the Mac

10:44AM PDT - Developer SDK for Maps as well

10:44AM PDT - turn by turn directions, 3D view, can send directions right to your iPhone

10:43AM PDT - This is very important to driving quality of Apple's Maps app

10:43AM PDT - Finally, there's a desktop Maps app

10:43AM PDT - Maps

10:43AM PDT - New inspector is aware of things like location, travel time and weather

10:43AM PDT - Facebook events integrated into calendar

10:42AM PDT - Skeumorphic design is done

10:42AM PDT - New calendar UI

10:42AM PDT - Calendar

10:42AM PDT - Finally!

10:42AM PDT - Background updating of apps

10:42AM PDT - When your machine is sleeping, when you wake it up it'll tell you everything you missed while you're away on your lockscreen

10:41AM PDT - Push notifications to iOS devices can also push to your Mac now

10:41AM PDT - Respond to facetime calls inside the notification itself

10:41AM PDT - Can now reply inside notifications, for emails and iMessages

10:41AM PDT - Notifications

10:40AM PDT - Can suggest any of your remembered CCs, you have to remember you own CID/security code though

10:40AM PDT - You don't have to remember the password, iCloud keychains will auto remember/fill it in for you

10:40AM PDT - Safari can auto suggest passwords when you're signing up for new web services

10:40AM PDT - always encrypted (256-bit AES) on device when pushed, only on trusted devices

10:40AM PDT - stores website logins, cc numbers, wifi networks, account info

10:39AM PDT - iCloud keychain

10:39AM PDT - Reading list seems to preserve the site UI/UX

10:38AM PDT - Reading list: scroll and finish reading one article, immediately start the next article

10:38AM PDT - Reveal a portion of the window and CPU usage drives back up, this will combat slowdown when you just have a ton of stuff open in the background but not doing anything

10:37AM PDT - Safari window is still working, but when not visible it looks like it's not animating

10:37AM PDT - Safari window is app napped

10:37AM PDT - Shift focus to iTunes, and CPU usage drops considerably

10:37AM PDT - Showing CPU utilization while an actively animating browser window

10:36AM PDT - And in Safari, they addressed scrolling perf there as well

10:36AM PDT - Mavericks fixes scrolling perf in Mail

10:36AM PDT - YES! They fixed scrolling perf

10:35AM PDT - demo time

10:35AM PDT - Safari absolutely needs to be quicker, but honestly it needs to see frequent updates to maintain perf/power advantages, that's where Google does a great job with Chrome

10:35AM PDT - Less CPU energy use and Crhome and Firefox

10:35AM PDT - Now uses less memory than Chrome/FF

10:35AM PDT - JSBench - 3.8x improvement over Firefox

10:34AM PDT - 1.44x improvement in Sunspider vs. Chrome

10:34AM PDT - Nitro NTiered JIT, Nitro Fast Start, Process per Tab, shared mem resource cache, power saver, background tab optimization

10:34AM PDT - Shared links, where you see all of the links people you're following on Twitter

10:34AM PDT - Reading list

10:33AM PDT - New sidebar

10:33AM PDT - New home page with top sites in Safari

10:33AM PDT - 1.5B webkit devices

10:33AM PDT - Safari

10:32AM PDT - 1.4x improvement in responsiveness under load

10:32AM PDT - Normally, most of your memory isn't being used by active apps - compressed memory actively compresses inactive memory instead of paging to disk when you need more

10:32AM PDT - Compressed Memory

10:31AM PDT - Up to 72% less CPU activity as a result

10:31AM PDT - Windows 8 already does this btw

10:31AM PDT - Timer Coalescing, combine and coordinate interrupts to better work with Haswell and Intel's Power Optimizer

10:31AM PDT - Timer Coalescing, this is for Haswell

10:30AM PDT - App Nap - directs power to only those apps that need it

10:30AM PDT - OpenGL 4

10:30AM PDT - Compressed memory, GPU video scaling, Timer Coalescing!

10:30AM PDT - Advanced Technologies in Mavericks

10:29AM PDT - Apple TV connected display is now a third monitor in this demo, menu, dock both appear

10:29AM PDT - Adding a third display via AppleTV

10:29AM PDT - Can drag full screen apps across displays using MC

10:29AM PDT - Mission Control has been optimized for multiple displays as well

10:28AM PDT - Definitely speaking to the higher end users here

10:28AM PDT - Multiple full screen apps across multiple displays

10:28AM PDT - Second display apps can go full screen on the second display

10:28AM PDT - Dock can be summoned on both displays, open an app on the second display by using the second dock

10:28AM PDT - Menu bar is on both displays

10:27AM PDT - Multiple Displays demo

10:27AM PDT - Spotlight seems to search tag names as well

10:27AM PDT - you can assign tags by just dragging docs into the tag view of Finder

10:27AM PDT - Can assign colors to tags

10:27AM PDT - Can create tags on the fly

10:26AM PDT - Multiple tags for the same document

10:26AM PDT - Important tag in finder shows a view of everything tagged important

10:26AM PDT - Save document, add tags in addition to location

10:26AM PDT - Tagging demo

10:26AM PDT - Finder can now go full screen

10:26AM PDT - Hover over tabs to switch focus

10:25AM PDT - Window -> Merge all windows, combines Finder windows into single window with multiple tabs

10:25AM PDT - Mavericks demo now

10:25AM PDT - AirPlay connected HDTV now acts as a full separate display

10:24AM PDT - You can pan spaces independently per display

10:24AM PDT - Dock across multiple displays

10:24AM PDT - In Mavericks, you can get your menus across multiple displays

10:24AM PDT - Multiple Displays

10:24AM PDT - "Tags are great for really powerful search"

10:23AM PDT - You can tag local and iCloud documents

10:23AM PDT - Tags listed in Finder sidebar

10:23AM PDT - You can save a document and tag it

10:23AM PDT - Bringing tagging to the Mac

10:23AM PDT - Tags

10:23AM PDT - Each tab can have its own location, view mode

10:23AM PDT - Can collapse multiple Finder windows into tabs

10:22AM PDT - Finder Tabs

10:22AM PDT - Mavericks focused on extended battery life and providing responsiveness

10:22AM PDT - California themed releases: OS X Mavericks

10:21AM PDT - "Places that inspire us here in california"

10:21AM PDT - Set of names to carry us for the next 10 years

10:21AM PDT - Ok maybe not

10:21AM PDT - OS X: Sea Lion?

10:21AM PDT - "We do not want to be the first software in history to be delayed due to a dwindling supply of cats"

10:20AM PDT - "Mountain Lion is the 9th of our big cat named releases in a decade"

10:20AM PDT - ok, so OS X first :)

10:20AM PDT - "We want to talk to you about OS X"

10:20AM PDT - About to talk about new Macs

10:20AM PDT - 35% of users on ML

10:19AM PDT - 28M copies of ML shipped

10:19AM PDT - Talking about Mountain Lion

10:19AM PDT - 100% 5 year total growth for the Mac

10:19AM PDT - On Amazon that's technically the Samsung A15 Chromebook

10:18AM PDT - #1 notebook in the US is the Macbook, hmm

10:18AM PDT - iMac is the #1 desktop in the US

10:18AM PDT - 72M Mac installed base, double what it was 5 years ago

10:18AM PDT - Talking about the Mac

10:17AM PDT - Tim Cook is back on stage

10:17AM PDT - That was very cool

10:17AM PDT - anki drive app is out today, what you see here is only the beginning

10:17AM PDT - anki drive coming to Apple stores this fall

10:16AM PDT - Marriage of video games and physical toys

10:16AM PDT - "this is a video game in the real world"

10:16AM PDT - Red car is firing virtual weapons at the other cars, those cars react and get out of the way

10:16AM PDT - This is really freaking cool

10:16AM PDT - Changing the AI objectives for each car now, telling the other cars to block the red one

10:15AM PDT - All of the AI is done on the iPhone it seems

10:15AM PDT - The fourth car is driving around more aggressively

10:15AM PDT - So three cars are racing on their own around this flat track, trying to add a fourth

10:15AM PDT - It's a pretty neat idea, but the demo works over BT 4.0 LE, potentially a bad idea at a conference where 2.4GHz is saturated

10:14AM PDT - Demo troubles

10:14AM PDT - 500 times per second, each car is making decisions about driving around the track

10:14AM PDT - They are using AI to navigate the track

10:13AM PDT - The cars are automatically driving around the track, using iOS for coordination

10:13AM PDT - They just laid a track out on the ground with three toy cars

10:13AM PDT - After over half a decade of working on anki, giving us a peak at their first product, anki drive

10:13AM PDT - Started anki while working on PhDs in robotics

10:12AM PDT - Boris Sofman (CEO/Co-founder) of anki is on stage talking about their product

10:12AM PDT - "Bringing AI and robotics into our daily lives"

10:12AM PDT - anki is launching their company on stage today

10:12AM PDT - Talking about anki

10:11AM PDT - "3x app download revenue compared to all other platforms"

10:11AM PDT - $5B in just the last year

10:11AM PDT - "We have now paid devs $10B"

10:11AM PDT - "We have more accounts with creditcards than any store on the internet that we're aware of"

10:10AM PDT - 575M store accounts

10:10AM PDT - 90% of the apps are downloaded each month, 375K iPad optimized apps

10:10AM PDT - 900K apps in the store

10:10AM PDT - 50B apps downloaded

10:09AM PDT - 5th anniversary of the app store next month

10:09AM PDT - Ok video over, now talking about the app store

10:09AM PDT - It's really insane just how far Apple has come over the past 10 years

10:08AM PDT - The video is very bassy, showing the interior of the Berlin theater and new Apple store

10:08AM PDT - Oh, video playing about the Berlin store

10:07AM PDT - Now tell me about Haswell

10:07AM PDT - It looks pretty

10:07AM PDT - Built inside an old theater in Berlin

10:07AM PDT - Talking about new Apple store in Berlin

10:07AM PDT - 407 stores in 14 countries

10:06AM PDT - 1M daily visitors to Apple stores last year

10:06AM PDT - Updates on Apple Retail

10:05AM PDT - WWDC sold out in 71 seconds

10:05AM PDT - 1.5M added in the last year alone

10:05AM PDT - Over 6M registered Apple devs

10:05AM PDT - Press aren't allowed at the tech sessions :( but there are over 100 sessions, 120 labs and over 1K apple engineers here

10:04AM PDT - 24th WWDC, attendees from 66 countries, 64% are first timers

10:04AM PDT - Oh wow, super high latency for that last post

10:04AM PDT - video is done, Tim Cook takes the stage

10:03AM PDT - "we perfect, we start over"

10:03AM PDT - Wonder if the leaked image of the new signal strength bar are accurate

10:03AM PDT - Lots of little circles used in this video

10:03AM PDT - Video talking about how design requires focus

10:02AM PDT - Lots of clapping, lights dimmed, intro video is starting

10:00AM PDT - Being asked to silence phones, music is louder, we're about to start

09:54AM PDT - Oh man, the WiFi is painful, VZW and ATT LTE are both having problems, apologies in advance :)

09:54AM PDT - 8 minutes until we start

09:49AM PDT - All sorts of internets are failing here

09:42AM PDT - I know I've viewed the 13-inch rMBP as effectively a hypothetical 13-inch rMBA, but given all of the 2560x1440 13.3-inch Ultrabooks announced in Taiwan last week I'm wondering if we should be talking about a retina MBA again.

09:40AM PDT - Ok I think that's all the brain dump for now

09:34AM PDT - But that's a discussion for another WWDC (and another piece of silicon, and process node ;)...)

09:34AM PDT - Ultimately I think 10-inch tablets go away and are replaced by some sort of hybrid construct. The tablet market as we know it instead consolidates around 7 - 8". If this happens, it brings up an interesting question of what Apple OS a hypothetical tablet/MBA convergence device would run.

09:33AM PDT - Apologies for the double photo, WiFi is predictably already being a little weird

09:31AM PDT - At some point we'll have to have a discussion about bringing OS X down to lower power devices, but I suspect that discussion won't happen until next WWDC.

09:30AM PDT - I'll admit that iOS seemed to scale better than I thought it would, but I'd love to see a rebirth here that allows iOS to scale in terms of complexity.

09:29AM PDT - With iOS I'm hoping to see something more scalable than what we've had with iOS. I remember writing about the iOS UI/UX back during the 3G/3GS days and commenting that the OS didn't feel like it'd be able to maintain its impressive simplicity while scaling out in terms of functionality and 3rd party apps.

09:27AM PDT - That's it for Mac. On the iOS side the obvious expectation is to see iOS 7. Everyone has been talking about a significantly updated UI/UX.

09:26AM PDT - Oh, one thing I forgot to mention on the Mac hardware side: I'm fully expecting Apple to adopt M.2 for its mobile SSDs. Perhaps even a PCIe implementation? So we could see a big boost in storage performance. 802.11ac would also be an obvious thing to include.

09:25AM PDT - That's on the Mac hardware front. I'm hoping that we'll get some on a new version of OS X. We still need features like true connected standby, so an update is definitely in order. I'd also love to see FileVault leverage something similar to MS' eDrive spec for Windows 8.

09:24AM PDT - I'm not expecting full launch of a new Mac Pro, maybe a teaser. If Mac Pro is indeed based on IVB-E, availability wouldn't be until later this year. Apple could always go to Haswell but those wanting tons of cores would be disappointed.

09:23AM PDT - The large L4 cache could do wonders for aspects of OS performance, but I'd expect a gaming perf regression. On the OS X side, since Apple controls more of the software stack, it's entirely possible that the pain of moving away from GT 650M wouldn't be all that bad

09:23AM PDT - On the 15-inch rMBP I'm expecting Apple to abandon NVIDIA for Intel's Iris Pro graphics, which has huge implications.

09:22AM PDT - Anyway, I'm still expecting a dual-core 13-inch rMBP. Maybe with GT3 graphics though, which would be nice.

09:22AM PDT - (uh I think Al Gore just showed up)

09:21AM PDT - I don't expect the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display to change in terms of CPU core count

09:21AM PDT - Haswell U/ULT based MacBook Airs should come with substantially better battery life. Given what we saw in Taiwan last week, I would love to see Apple push for higher res panels there but I'm not sure that we'll see it.

09:20AM PDT - On the Mac side I expect to see Haswell updates to all of the notebooks at least

09:20AM PDT - So let's talk about expectations a bit

09:17AM PDT - Park it here for live updates from the event. Brian is on photos, I'll be typing and Brian will be chiming in with his usual awesome analysis

09:15AM PDT - The keynote will start in about 45 minutes

09:15AM PDT - But it's already started slowing down, this should be fun :)

09:14AM PDT - We're seated, the WiFi started out amazing http://www.speedtest.net/result/2764548905.png

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  • coreai - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    coffee before keynote for timcook ... hope he doesnt have hallucinations about a 5inch iphone on stage .. :D
  • xinthius - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    I would prefer it if they stayed with Nvidia for the 15" rPro, CUDA cores are still very important for us pro users.
  • vol7ron - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    agreed, unless Iris is a viable alternative, in which case, I can accept the reduced heat, size, and power consumption of not having it
  • dillonnotz24 - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    Got the Apple TV ready for streaming! I have good feelings about this keynote...
  • coreai - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    marissa mayer also spotted
  • Moizy - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    Would love to see the WiFi spectrum analysis you always do, Brian, unless the failing internets foil your upload :)
  • mdonatas - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    Jeeez! It's impossible to read Live blog coverage from the beginning... it keeps scrolling all the time :/
    Why not add sort-order?
  • SeeManRun - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    Thanks for the blog Anand. Feels like it should scroll the other way though; so when you read the screen doesn't keep jumping on you. Have oldest content at the top like a normal website. The part at the top was written before the stuff on the bottom :)
  • Rand - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    Agreed, it's very frustrating to read when the screen keeps jumping around on you and you have to scroll downwards again just to fine your place every 15 seconds or so.
    It's also rather unintuitive to read from the bottom upwards.
  • WeaselITB - Monday, June 10, 2013 - link

    I'll toss my hat in on this as well - frustrating to read it "backward" and then have it constantly jump on me.

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