11:14AM PDT - Thanks for reading!

11:13AM PDT - We're pretty much done here, off to hands on next! Stay tuned!

11:13AM PDT - Tim is now thanking the Apple teams for building all of these products

11:12AM PDT - Moving to a fall release schedule for the iPad is interesting, transitioning to 32nm for the iPad likely helped force that

11:11AM PDT - It looks like we're done for 2012 releases from Apple

11:11AM PDT - Looks like we'll be closing up soon

11:11AM PDT - Tim Cook is back on stage now

11:09AM PDT - Now showing the iPad mini TV ad

11:09AM PDT - Below is the list of launch countries for the WiFi versions

11:09AM PDT - 2 weeks later you'll see cellular versions, first in the US then gradually around the world

11:09AM PDT - WiFi versions will ship on November 2nd

11:08AM PDT - Both devices can preorder on 10/26

11:08AM PDT - Same price adders for larger capacities and LTE

11:08AM PDT - Starts with 16GB and WiFi for $329

11:07AM PDT - I want an A6 in the iPad mini

11:06AM PDT - Glass on the front is 0.2mm thin, touch is 0.12mm thin

11:06AM PDT - Removed the aluminum edge, wraps the iPad mini in one color

11:05AM PDT - New smart cover for the iPad mini

11:05AM PDT - "Concentration of, not a reduction of, the original"

11:02AM PDT - Now showing a video about the new iPad mini

11:02AM PDT - 10 hour battery life

11:02AM PDT - Lightning connector

11:01AM PDT - 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi

11:01AM PDT - LTE supported, same capabilities from the iPad 4

11:01AM PDT - FaceTime HD front side camera, 5MP iSight camera on the back

11:01AM PDT - dual-core A5, likely 32nm

11:01AM PDT - A5 SoC

11:00AM PDT - Talking about internals now

11:00AM PDT - Apple is serious about defending its iPad territory

11:00AM PDT - Comparing iPad mini apps to Android apps on the N7

10:58AM PDT - 35% larger display area compared to Nexus 7

10:58AM PDT - Nexus 7 is thicker and heavier than iPad mini

10:57AM PDT - Now comparing it to Nexus 7

10:57AM PDT - All iPad apps obviously work on the mini

10:56AM PDT - 1024 x 768 panel

10:55AM PDT - 7.9-inch display

10:55AM PDT - Comes in black and white

10:54AM PDT - 0.68 lbs

10:54AM PDT - 23% thinner than 4th gen iPad

10:54AM PDT - 7.2mm thin

10:54AM PDT - Now talking specs

10:54AM PDT - Looks very thin

10:52AM PDT - iPad mini

10:52AM PDT - Now talking about the smaller iPad

10:52AM PDT - No word on physical dimensions, same chassis?

10:51AM PDT - Same configurations and prices as previous gen

10:51AM PDT - Lightning to USB, SD card, VGA and HDMI cables

10:51AM PDT - Lightning connector

10:51AM PDT - 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4 and 5GHz

10:50AM PDT - 2x faster WiFi

10:50AM PDT - This is key, Apple is moving iPad to the same release schedule as iPhone almost

10:50AM PDT - FaceTime HD camera updated, updated LTE coverage

10:50AM PDT - New ISP, 10 hours battery life

10:49AM PDT - doubles graphics perf as well

10:49AM PDT - doubles CPU performance

10:49AM PDT - A6X!

10:49AM PDT - 4th gen iPad?

10:48AM PDT - hooray Phil

10:48AM PDT - Phil Schiller is back on stage to talk about new iPads

10:48AM PDT - iPad with Retina Display, fastest selling iPad of all time

10:48AM PDT - "We are just getting started"

10:47AM PDT - 94% of the Fortune 500 is either testing or deploying iPad

10:47AM PDT - This is clearly designed to address questions about Windows 8/RT in corporate

10:47AM PDT - Now talking about iPad in the business market

10:47AM PDT - iBooks Author available today as a free download on the Mac apps stores

10:47AM PDT - Mathematical expressions, sorry

10:46AM PDT - Publishers can now insert mathematical experts directly into books

10:46AM PDT - New portrait only templates, embedded fonts

10:46AM PDT - Latest version of iBooks Author announced today

10:46AM PDT - Smaller publishers, teachers, universities are apparently using this as well as the big three

10:45AM PDT - Textbooks created with iBooks Author are now in over 2500 schools in the US

10:45AM PDT - iBooks Textbooks are now available for 80% of US high school core curriculum

10:45AM PDT - Talking about iBooks Author, used to make interactive textbooks

10:44AM PDT - Talking about how quickly iPad has made an impact in education markets

10:43AM PDT - Thankfully the new iMacs don't ship for a while, very interested in exploring Apple's SSD caching

10:43AM PDT - Sidenote: There's no way I'm going to have time to review all of this stuff

10:42AM PDT - "iPad accounts for over 90% of tablet web traffic"

10:41AM PDT - Sold more iPads in June quarter than any PC maker sold of their entire PC line

10:41AM PDT - 100M sold in 2.5 years

10:41AM PDT - Two weeks ago, Apple sold its 100 millionth iPad

10:41AM PDT - "It seems like each time we get together there's a new number or new statistic"

10:40AM PDT - Next up: iPad

10:40AM PDT - Done with the Mac updates

10:40AM PDT - Uses up to 50% less power at idle

10:39AM PDT - Ships in December

10:39AM PDT - 27-inch iMac, 2.9GHz quad-core i5, GTX 660M, 1TB HDD for $1799

10:39AM PDT - Start shipping in November

10:39AM PDT - 21.5-inch iMac 2.7GHz quad-core i5, GT 640M, 1TB HDD for $1299

10:38AM PDT - iMac comes with wireless keyboard and wireless magic mouse

10:38AM PDT - SSD caching systems rarely work well, but with a large enough cache...

10:38AM PDT - This will be very interesting to test

10:38AM PDT - Over time it'll migrate that stuff from HDD to flash

10:37AM PDT - All your docs, apps and images will go to hard drive

10:37AM PDT - All software that comes on your iMac automatically fits on flash

10:37AM PDT - Built into Mountain Lion, sounds like SSD caching done Apple-style

10:37AM PDT - Fused into a single volume in software

10:36AM PDT - 128GB of flash storage and 1TB or 3TB HDD

10:36AM PDT - iMac and Mac Mini now offers Apple Fusion Drive

10:36AM PDT - Customers can choose either HDD or SSD

10:36AM PDT - Talking about storage now

10:36AM PDT - SSD or HDD supported

10:35AM PDT - Kepler, quad-core IVB, up to 32GB of RAM

10:35AM PDT - sheds up to 8 lbs vs. previous gen

10:35AM PDT - 40% less internal volume vs previous gen

10:35AM PDT - FaceTime HD camera, better stereo speakers, dual mics

10:35AM PDT - Each display is individually calibrated, Apple has been doing this for a while it seems

10:34AM PDT - 75% less reflection than previous gen iMac

10:34AM PDT - Plasma deposition process for applying the AR coating, need Vivek's analysis here

10:34AM PDT - max brightness over 300 nits

10:34AM PDT - 2560 x 1440 that is

10:34AM PDT - Two IPS display options, 2560 x 140 for the 27-inch

10:33AM PDT - Removed optical drive

10:33AM PDT - Never done something like this on such a large display

10:33AM PDT - Display is laminated to the outer glass

10:33AM PDT - New display, 5mm thinner

10:32AM PDT - Friction stir welding used to make the chin

10:31AM PDT - 80% thinner than previous generation, extends entire length

10:31AM PDT - 5mm thin edge

10:30AM PDT - Now looking at the next-gen iMac

10:30AM PDT - 7 generations of iMac

10:29AM PDT - Probably going to get IVB updates as well

10:29AM PDT - iMac

10:29AM PDT - One more Mac to talk about

10:28AM PDT - Consumes 11W at idle

10:28AM PDT - Both configs shipping today

10:28AM PDT - dual or quad core Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs, HD 4000, 1TB HDD or 256GB SSD

10:27AM PDT - "you knew there'd be something called mini in this presentation"

10:27AM PDT - Now talking about Mac mini

10:27AM PDT - Done with MacBook lineup updates

10:26AM PDT - Old gen non-rMBP will still stick around

10:25AM PDT - Now showing the new 13-inch rMBP ad

10:25AM PDT - Starts shipping today

10:24AM PDT - Starts at $1699 for 2.5GHz dual core i5 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB storage

10:24AM PDT - The 13-inch rMBP is totally made for Haswell, with no dGPU the Haswell version will be the no-compromise version. I wonder if we'll see 4-cores in the next model

10:23AM PDT - Ships with Mountain Lion obviously

10:23AM PDT - dual core Ivy Bridge, HD 4000 (no dGPU), 802.11n, 8GB RAM standard, 7-hour battery, up to 768GB of storage

10:22AM PDT - Now talking internals

10:22AM PDT - New speakers, dual mics, backlit keyboard, FaceTime HD (720p) camera

10:21AM PDT - Now talking about Retina Display support in iLife and Pro apps

10:21AM PDT - 29% higher contrast, 75% reduced reflection, 300 nits at full brightness - IPS

10:20AM PDT - 13-inch rMBP has more pixels than any competing 15 or 17-inch notebook

10:20AM PDT - 13.3-inch display, 2560 x 1600

10:19AM PDT - Retina Display of course

10:19AM PDT - No optical drive, SD card, USB 3, HDMI on the other side

10:19AM PDT - MagSafe 2, 2 Thunderbolt ports, USB 3, headphone, dual mics

10:19AM PDT - Lightest MBP ever

10:19AM PDT - Weighs around 3.5 lbs

10:18AM PDT - 20% thinner

10:18AM PDT - .75" thin

10:18AM PDT - Brand new 13-inch MacBook Pro

10:18AM PDT - Setting the stage perfectly for the 13-inch rMBP announcement

10:18AM PDT - Number 1 selling notebook is the 13-inch notebook, and #1 selling Mac

10:17AM PDT - Talking about the 15-inch rMBP right now

10:17AM PDT - MacBook is up first

10:17AM PDT - Phil is awesome, he always gives us some technical details

10:16AM PDT - Here come the new Mac announcements, Phil Schiller is taking the stage

10:16AM PDT - This is exactly why we've seen such an increased focus on Ultrabooks and Windows 8 recently

10:16AM PDT - Mac is the #1 US desktop and #1 US notebook

10:15AM PDT - For the past year, Mac market outgrew PC market 15% to 2%

10:15AM PDT - Now talking about the Mac

10:15AM PDT - New iBooks available today

10:15AM PDT - Korean, Chinese, Japanese supported

10:14AM PDT - Over 40 languages supported

10:14AM PDT - Tap on favorite quote to share on facebook or twitter

10:14AM PDT - iCloud support in the new iBooks app

10:14AM PDT - Flick while you're reading, words scroll by just as you'd expect

10:13AM PDT - Continuous scrolling support

10:13AM PDT - Today announcing a new version of iBooks

10:13AM PDT - 400M books downloaded since the inception of the store

10:13AM PDT - Now have over 1.5M books available on the bookstore

10:12AM PDT - Speedy WiFi makes me happy

10:12AM PDT - Now talking about iBooks

10:12AM PDT - now paid out over $6.5B to developers

10:11AM PDT - 35 billion apps downloaded from app store

10:11AM PDT - iMessage data also says quite a bit about how tightly knit the Apple ecosystem is, will be difficult for competitors to draw intrenched users away

10:11AM PDT - 275K iPad apps

10:10AM PDT - Messages sent per second is an interesting way to look at engagement/adoption

10:10AM PDT - 28,000 iMessages sent per second

10:09AM PDT - 300 billion iMessages sent

10:09AM PDT - 125 million documents in the cloud just over the last year

10:09AM PDT - Talking about synergy between iOS and Mac devices

10:08AM PDT - Now talking about Mountain Lion and iOS 6

10:08AM PDT - Fastest upgrade rate of any software in history

10:08AM PDT - After 1 month, 200M devices running iOS 6

10:07AM PDT - Likely about to drop some adoption numbers on us

10:07AM PDT - Moving on, talking about iOS 6

10:07AM PDT - Together with the rest of the new lineup, already sold over 3M iPods

10:06AM PDT - Now talking about the new iPods

10:06AM PDT - I somehow need to finish writing a bunch of stuff in between meetings today, did I mention today is going to be packed?

10:04AM PDT - Watching a video of the iPhone 5 launch now

10:04AM PDT - http://www.speedtest.net/result/2260289603.png

10:03AM PDT - Oh wow, the WiFi just got awesome

10:03AM PDT - The most iPhones ever sold opening weekend, and most phones ever sold in an opening weekend

10:03AM PDT - iPhone 5 sold more than 5 million units in the first weekend

10:03AM PDT - Talking about iPhone 5's launch

10:03AM PDT - Getting started with a few updates

10:02AM PDT - Tim Cook just took the stage

10:02AM PDT - After the iPad event we'll also have a bunch of really interesting coverage for those interested in Windows RT

10:02AM PDT - Things should be getting underway any minute now

10:00AM PDT - Seats are almost full, the event is about to begin, both LTE and WiFi are a bit shaky at this point

09:52AM PDT - We are seated!

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    Go Apple, go!
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    Rather nasty comment there Creig. Did apple kill your dog.
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    "unless your tablet also includes sandpaper, so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of the present size." -Steve Jobs.
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    Irrelevant product. WinRT/8 tablets make these oversized phone devices pointless.

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