One constant theme throughout AMD’s recent resurgence into high-performance computing has been the messaging around the scalability of its platform. Building a processor that can scale both from single digit watts all the way up to big water cooled compute servers is no easy task, but also combining multiple types of processors into a single chip to also scale just adds layers of difficulty. AMD were keen to point this out at its recent CES presentation, stating that the RDNA2 graphics architecture is immensely scalable, from mobile to notebook to desktop to server, but also through to embedded, industrial, and automotive. It’s that last part I asked CEO Dr. Lisa Su about. Last year it was announced, and subsequently confirmed through model numbers, that the...

GTC 2010 Day 1: NVIDIA Announces Future GPU Families for 2011 And 2013

We’re currently down in San Jose, California covering NVIDIA’s annual GPU Technology Conference. While we're only covering the final 2 days of the conference, on Tuesday NVIDIA's CEO Jen-Hsun...

82 by Ryan Smith on 9/22/2010

NVIDIA Announces Parallel Nsight 1.5 & CUDA Toolkit 3.2

Not to be outdone by Intel’s IDF and AMD’s counter-meeting this week, NVIDIA’s GPU Computing group has their own announcement this week ahead of their GPU Technology Conference next...

23 by Ryan Smith on 9/14/2010

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