Last week we expanded our enterprise storage coverage with flash arrays and today the coverage continues with Tegile's announcement of the T3600 and T3700. To bring everyone up to the speed, let's start with a brief introduction of the company. Tegile was founded in 2009 by Rohit Kshetrapal, Rajesh Nair, Justin Cheen and Alok Agrawal and operated in stealth mode until 2012. The founders share a history at Perfigo, which was a developer of packaged network access control solutions that was acquired by Cisco in 2004. As a result Tegile's expertise lies in the networking and connectivity aspect of the array, and hence Tegile provides both hybrid and all-flash arrays. SanDisk and Western Digital (i.e. HGST) are strategic investors in the company, which guarantees Tegile...

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