Memoright is a company that some of you might have heard of as we reviewed one of their drives back in 2011 but they have been out of the retail market for several years now. The reason is that Memoright is an SSD ODM (Original Device Manufacturer) nowadays, which means they design and manufacture SSDs but don't sell them under their own brand. In other words, Memoright's clients can buy SSDs from them, rebrand them and sell them to the consumers. The logic of their business model lies in the fact that it's much easier to deal with a handful of large clients instead of the whole consumer and retail market because you don't have to worry about distribution or B2C marketing for instance...

The SandForce Roundup: Corsair, Kingston, Patriot, OCZ, OWC & MemoRight SSDs Compared

It's a depressing time to be covering the consumer SSD market. Although performance is higher than it has ever been, we're still seeing far too many compatibility and reliability...

90 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 8/11/2011

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