One of the things I've been expecting to see at this year's Computex is more TLC NAND based SSDs. So far only Samsung and SanDisk have been shipping TLC SSDs in high volume, but OCZ will shortly join the club with its Trion 100 SSD series that was showcased on the Computex showfloor. The Trion 100 is based on a totally in-house designed Toshiba "Alishan" controller, whereas some earlier Toshiba controllers have been modified/renamed third party silicons with the company's firmware. We discussed the cooperation between the two companies in more detail in our interview with OCZ's CEO, Ralph Schmitt, but to put it shortly the use of Toshiba IP in an OCZ product is part of the companies' strategy to consolidate product development...

OCZ Suite Tour: Vector 180, JetExpress PCIe NVMe Controller & Z-Drive 6000

While the Barefoot 3 platform is already a couple of years old, it is still going strong. OCZ has been in the process of adopting Toshiba's latest A19nm to...

26 by Kristian Vättö on 1/9/2015

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