Dropbox was among the first large cloud service providers (CSPs) providers to deploy hard drives that use shingled magnetic recording (SMR) to increase storage density of its datacenters. As the company is looking forward to future technology and plans to be one of the first adopters of HDDs featuring heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR), it is already planning for how HAMR drives will affect its datacenters and how it should prepare for their deployment. In a surprising candid blog post, Dropbox shared some thoughts and experiences ahead of the deployment of HDDs of based on HAMR technology, which will offer capacities starting from 30TB and spanning all the way to 100TB and higher in the future. In a bid to ensure predictable performance of these...

Hard Disk Drives with HAMR Technology Set to Arrive in 2018

While many client devices use solid-state storage technologies nowadays, hard disk drives (HDDs) are still used by hundreds of millions of people and across virtually all datacenters worldwide. Heat-assisted...

72 by Anton Shilov on 12/24/2015

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