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Samsung's Galaxy camera came out almost a year ago, and it roughly mimicked the specs of an international SGS3 but included a unique camera system and body. Although the device couldn't make phone calls, it included cellular connectivity and was arguably the best in the first of a limited number of connected cameras competing with it. After many whispers, Samsung has announced the Galaxy S4 Zoom, an updated version of its connected camera line with a display and front face emulating the SGS4 but topped with another 16 MP camera system. Camera Emphasized Smartphone Comparison Samsung Galaxy Camera (EK-GC100) Nikon Coolpix S800c Nokia PureView 808 Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom CMOS Resolution 16.3 MP 16.0 MP 41 MP 16.3 MP CMOS Format 1/2.3", 1.34µm pixels 1/2.3", 1.34µm pixels 1/1.2", 1.4µm pixels 1/2.3", 1.34µm pixels CMOS Size 6.17mm x 4.55mm 6.17mm x...

Samsung Announces Galaxy Camera running Android 4.1

Earlier today at IFA 2012, Samsung officially announced what will be their first point and shoot form factor camera running Android 4.1. The device is named the Samsung Galaxy...

22 by Brian Klug on 8/30/2012

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