Much like Samsung and Sony, touring the Toshiba booth turned up plenty of devices but not too many laptops – though I’d say out of the big consumer electronics companies, Toshiba had more laptops/hybrids than anyone else. (I was hoping to go hands on with their Chromebook 2 and it was nowhere to be seen.) There were three major products on display that I want to quickly discuss: the Encore 2 Write tablet, the Portege Z20t hybrid Ultrabook/tablet (or WT20 if you just want the tablet portion), and TransferJet. Starting with Encore 2 Write, Toshiba has built two Windows 8 tablets with some of their own software that actually provides some interesting use cases. As the name implies, the Encore 2 Write tablets include a...

Toshiba Excite and Encore Tablets, Click and Z10t Hybrids - CES 2014

The tablet and hybrid side of Toshiba was similarly diversified, with and ultra-budget device sitting right next to a very high-end tablet. Toshiba reps said they’re going after the...

19 by Jarred Walton on 1/17/2014

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