BlackBerry BBX

As the lights came up on Thorston Heins opening remarks at BlackBerry World 2012, expectations were... well, low. There was always the possibility that we would hear of some huge shake-up that would drastically alter RIM's course; say, switching to a services model and opening their BlackBerry Enterprise Server offerings to the competition. Or, we could hear talk of the impressive results of the hard work of a talented team of engineers and designers, and hopes and assurances that we'd love it. We've heard this kind of talk from struggling giants, including a year ago this past February when Jon Rubinstein introduced us to the Palm Pre 3 and TouchPad. Though Heins remarks included a hint at the kind of course correction we might...

BlackBerry London Image Leaked: The First QNX Phone

First reported by The Verge and subsequently confirmed by Boy Genius Report, the first image of BlackBerry's first BBX phone has leaked, and it is a significant departure from...

4 by Jason Inofuentes on 11/15/2011

Time for Unification: RIM Announces BlackBerry BBX for Smartphones & Tablets

With its PlayBook tablet RIM introduced a brand new mobile platform built on QNX's Neutrino 6.5 OS. The result was an extremely smooth user experience with great multitasking support...

28 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 10/18/2011

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