Yesterday we stopped by Broadcom to look at their newly announced BCM21892 LTE baseband, which we saw teased previously at CES doing a VoLTE call. If you're not famliar with the details of Broadcom's first LTE baseband, it's a 3GPP Release 10 modem supporting all the 3GPP air interfaces (GSM/EDGE, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, LTE) with Category 4 LTE support, support for 10+10 MHz carrier aggregation, integrated 8 port transceiver into the baseband package, and built on a 28nm HPm process. Broadcom's LTE Baseband BCM21892 Air Interfaces GSM/EDGE, WCDMA, LTE-A, TD-SCDMA 3GPP Release Rel. 10 (LTE-A) HSPA+ Category Cat. 24, DC-HSPA+ 42.2 Mbps LTE Cat. 4, LTE-A 150 Mbps Downlink / 50 Mbps Uplink 2x2 MIMO Voice VoLTE, CS WCDMA/GSM voice Process 28nm HPm Package Plastic(?) with integrated DRAM and 8-port Transceiver Extra External PMIC, "35% smaller required implementation area," envelope tracking supported There's nothing...

Broadcom Announces BCM21892 - Their First 4G LTE-Advanced Baseband

It was teased at this year's CES demonstrating VoLTE calls, we saw it working in a reference design, and today, Broadcom is finally ready to make their first LTE-enabled...

17 by Brian Klug on 2/12/2013

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