11:51AM EDT - I'm here at the SFJAZZ Center for Google's second Made By Google press event

11:51AM EDT - . Last year saw the release of the Pixel XL smartphone, the Chromecast Ultra, Daydream, and other Google products

11:51AM EDT - For this year's event I'm expecting a similar series of reveals

11:53AM EDT - The big expectation this year is of course a new Pixel phone, which is widely expected to be the Google Pixel XL 2

11:56AM EDT - Google has admittedly had some leaking issues, so it's likely we've already seen most, if not all of the correct specifications already

11:57AM EDT - Snapdragon 835, 18:9 screen, etc

12:00PM EDT - Meanwhile Verizon has already confirmed that it will once again be Google's exclusive partner in the US: https://twitter.com/diegoscotti/status/915581488699146241

12:00PM EDT - And here we go

12:01PM EDT - Starting with a quick discussion of recent events in the United States, and Google giving their condolences

12:02PM EDT - Moving from a mobile-first world to an AI-first world

12:03PM EDT - Discussing how AI and computer vision is being used to improve Google Street View in Lagos

12:04PM EDT - 5K kilometers of roads, 50K addresses, 100K businesses mapped

12:05PM EDT - Computers should adapt to people, not people to computers

12:06PM EDT - Google wants AI to be conversational, ambient, thoughtfully contextual, and learn & adapt

12:08PM EDT - (Ian will be especially pleased with contextual improvements)

12:09PM EDT - Google thinks the best way to do this is to leverage and combine their efforts in AI, hardware, and software

12:11PM EDT - Continuing to discuss AI improvements. AutoML has already surpassed Google's previous object detection technology

12:11PM EDT - Now on stage: Rick Osterloh

12:12PM EDT - Recapping Google's hardware launches of the past year

12:13PM EDT - And Google has continuted to grow their hardware capabilities, such as their recent partial HTC acquisition

12:13PM EDT - Now rolling a trailer

12:15PM EDT - There are now 55M Chromecast and Chromecast-enabled devices in the world

12:16PM EDT - Now on to discussing Pixel, particularly how well it did in adoption and consumer satisfaction

12:16PM EDT - "The playing field for hardware components is leveling off"

12:16PM EDT - "Moore's law [...] is a idea from the past"

12:17PM EDT - Yearly updates in particular are in jeopardy, since slowing hardware progress limits what can be done in a single year

12:18PM EDT - Instead Google will focus on a mix of AI, hardware, and software

12:18PM EDT - Now recapping the various AI features of the past year in Google's hardware products

12:19PM EDT - Though acknowledging that it's still the early days for machine learning and applications thereof

12:19PM EDT - "Radically helpful"

12:20PM EDT - "Made by Google products represent the ultimate Google experience"

12:20PM EDT - Now on stage: Rishi Chandra to talk about the Home team

12:22PM EDT - Rishi is starting with a recap of recent Home improvements such as Voice Match, and new supported regions such as Japan

12:22PM EDT - Voice Match is rolling out today to all 7 countries that Google Home is available in

12:22PM EDT - Hands-free calling is coming to the UK later this year

12:23PM EDT - And everyone is going to be getting the ability to call from their mobile number

12:23PM EDT - Now on stage: Isebelle Olsson, to talk about Home hardware

12:24PM EDT - "We design for the spaces our products live in"

12:25PM EDT - Announcing Google Home Mini

12:25PM EDT - Smaller to be put in more rooms. Cover made almost entirely out of fabric

12:26PM EDT - There are 4 lights under the fabric. And it is touch-sensitive

12:26PM EDT - Mini can be connected to any Chromecast speaker wirelessly

12:27PM EDT - 3 colors. Apparently some of these colors took a while to perfect

12:28PM EDT - MSRP $49. Available October 19th in all 7 countries that have Google Home

12:28PM EDT - Now rolling an ad

12:29PM EDT - "We can't wait for you to try out Mini"

12:30PM EDT - Now discussing new Google Assistant features. Google will be improving the Routines feature

12:30PM EDT - Google Assistant will be able to find your phone as well (including iPhones)

12:31PM EDT - Google is also working with Nest

12:31PM EDT - Now on stage: Yoky Matuoka of Nest

12:32PM EDT - Talking about how to use Nest Cam with Google Home and Chromecast

12:32PM EDT - Use voice commands to get a Chromecast to show the Nest camera

12:35PM EDT - Also using Google Home to adjust lighting, heating, and security cameras all at once

12:36PM EDT - Back on stage: Rishi

12:36PM EDT - New feature: Broadcast

12:36PM EDT - Assistant can broadcast commands to units throughout the house

12:37PM EDT - Google Home is getting Family Link account support

12:37PM EDT - Voice recognition accuracy has been improved with kids

12:37PM EDT - Now rolling an ad

12:39PM EDT - Google has partnered with Disney and WB to provide content for kids

12:39PM EDT - Rolling out later this month

12:39PM EDT - Another video

12:41PM EDT - Announcing Google Home Max

12:41PM EDT - Announcing Google Home Max

12:41PM EDT - More than 20x more powerful than the regular Home

12:42PM EDT - Also announcing Smart Sound. Allows Max to adapt to the user

12:42PM EDT - Adjust the sound balance based on position, etc. Based on machine learning

12:43PM EDT - Also adjust audio based on time of day, content, surrounding noise, etc

12:45PM EDT - $399

12:45PM EDT - Available in December

12:45PM EDT - Now rolling a video

12:47PM EDT - Now on stage: Matt Vokun

12:47PM EDT - Discussing the laptop experience

12:48PM EDT - Google Pixelbook

12:49PM EDT - 4-1 design. Tablet, laptop, tent, etc

12:49PM EDT - 12.3"

12:49PM EDT - 12.3" touchscreen

12:50PM EDT - Intel Core i5/i7 processors

12:51PM EDT - Instant Tethering with Pixel phone

12:51PM EDT - "Won't slow down over its lifetime"

12:52PM EDT - First laptop with Google Assistant

12:53PM EDT - Also has a key for typing out Assistant requests

12:53PM EDT - Google Pixelbook pen as well

12:54PM EDT - Partnered with Wacom. 10ms latency

12:54PM EDT - Full Google Play support for Pixelbook

12:55PM EDT - Many developers developing apps for the larger screen

12:55PM EDT - Now rolling a video

12:57PM EDT - An example of where Google is combining software, hardware, and AI

12:57PM EDT - Starts at $999. 3 configurations

12:57PM EDT - Ships October 31st

12:58PM EDT - The pen is a further $99

12:58PM EDT - Now on to Pixel phones

12:58PM EDT - (Google is moving at warp speed here)

12:59PM EDT - Google Pixel 2

01:00PM EDT - 5 inch and 6.2 inch XL

01:00PM EDT - All aluminum body

01:01PM EDT - Unlocks faster than any other phone

01:01PM EDT - No 3.5 inch audio jack

01:01PM EDT - 5.2" 1080p OLED display

01:02PM EDT - 3 colors

01:02PM EDT - 6 inch XL is QHD+ pOLED

01:02PM EDT - Circular polarizer

01:03PM EDT - The phones are feature-identical, other than screens

01:04PM EDT - Now discussing UI improvements

01:04PM EDT - Always on display

01:05PM EDT - On device machine learning. Local music identificat

01:05PM EDT - Live demo time

01:06PM EDT - At a glance view

01:07PM EDT - Active Edge: squeeze for Google Assistant

01:07PM EDT - Can also use squeezes for other tasks

01:08PM EDT - Getting Google Home's new routines and other features

01:09PM EDT - Launching with pure Android Oreo

01:11PM EDT - Now discussing Google Lens

01:11PM EDT - Pixels phones will get a preview this year

01:13PM EDT - Still early days for Lens

01:13PM EDT - 95% voice accuracy rate

01:14PM EDT - Now discussing augmented reality and ARcore

01:15PM EDT - ARstickers for Pixel phones

01:17PM EDT - ARstickers from multiple media brands

01:18PM EDT - Now talking about the Pixel 2's camera in depth

01:18PM EDT - Now talking about the Pixel 2's camera in depth

01:19PM EDT - 12MP camera

01:20PM EDT - OIS and new auto focus mechanism

01:20PM EDT - Adding portrait mode as well

01:20PM EDT - Google has to do it with 1 camera though

01:21PM EDT - Dual pixel camera. Left and right view pixels

01:21PM EDT - Portrait mode works on the front camera as well

01:22PM EDT - Fused video stabilization with EIS and OIS

01:22PM EDT - Getting a Live Photos mode as well

01:23PM EDT - Now rolling a video composed of clips shot on a Pixel 2

01:25PM EDT - Pixel 2 users will get free unlimited storage, including 4K videos

01:25PM EDT - Average of 23GB of photos per Pixel user

01:27PM EDT - New transfer utility. Average 10min or less

01:27PM EDT - $649 and $849

01:29PM EDT - Finally, google is including a Home Mini with the Pixel 2 for a limited time

01:29PM EDT - Now rolling a video

01:29PM EDT - I'm a bit concerned about subpixel density on the smaller phone

01:30PM EDT - If it's Pentile, then he effective resolution will be lower than 1080p

01:31PM EDT - New version of Daydream View headset

01:32PM EDT - Discussing a slate of new Daydream content to come

01:32PM EDT - $99

01:32PM EDT - Google Pixel Buds wireless earbuds

01:33PM EDT - Controls are built into the right earbud

01:34PM EDT - Now demoing a real time translation scenario using the Pixel 2 and earbuds

01:34PM EDT - Not quite real time, but still impressive

01:36PM EDT - Pocket charging case as well

01:36PM EDT - $159 available in November

01:37PM EDT - One last product

01:37PM EDT - Google Clips camera

01:38PM EDT - A camera that takes photos for hou

01:38PM EDT - Camera software determines when to take photos

01:39PM EDT - Looks for stable, clear shots of people the camera knows

01:39PM EDT - All AI is processed locally

01:41PM EDT - $249. Coming soon

01:41PM EDT - Recapping how this blends AI, hardware, and software

01:43PM EDT - And that's a wrap. Time for a hands on

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  • A5 - Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - link

    Is it for the screen or the camera? Camera makes a lot more sense.
  • Ryan Smith - Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - link

    It's for the screen.
  • nathanddrews - Thursday, October 5, 2017 - link

    To reduce glare?
  • nathanddrews - Thursday, October 5, 2017 - link

    Ah, I found the answer elsewhere:

    "The display also has a circular polarizer to make it easier to use with polarized sunglasses."
  • zodiacfml - Sunday, October 15, 2017 - link

    Samsung's OLEDs don't needs polarizers. The LG P-OLEDs might though.
  • Aephe - Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - link

    Shame that Pixelbook is designed for ChromeOS ...it's basically a glorified tablet like the IpadPro (seems Google is mirroring Apple's product line). Would have made some interesting competition to the Surface line.

    Sidenote for the Pixelbook - those CPUs seem overkill for that OS.
  • alphasquadron - Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - link

    Google Clips - Pay us $250 to help us improve our face recognition technology. No way this is gonna sell.
  • rocky12345 - Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - link

    I was all in for one of the Pixel smartphones until I found out there was no 3.5 audio jack. Yes it is older tech but it still serves a purpose for a lot of people. Just because some do not use it any more does not mean we all don't want to use it. These companies only seem to cater to certain crowds these days and everyone else can either bend to the ways or GTFO. Well I guess I will just have to go with the Samsung Galaxy S8+ or Note 8 they still have the required jack at least to bad about Sammy going with total onscreen controls mind you.
  • Zeratul56 - Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - link

    I would give the LG v30 a look before getting the Samsung. It is coming soon and has the headphone jack.
  • zodiacfml - Sunday, October 15, 2017 - link

    I agree. I went with the S8+ and ignored the Pixels. I'm a big fan of the Nexus 5 which got a ROM for the first time and it performs better than the stock (as the Google bloatware was reduced)

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